Soumit’s World Foundation offers funding through challenging grant program to individuals, and/or to organization that create, mentor, and nurture budding leaders. Be it in academics, sports, music, community/civic engagements, young children show variety of signs of leadership. Such initiatives need careful nurturing, mentoring and structured guidance so that future quality leadership is developed. The leadership characteristics that must be evident in these future leaders can range from gifted and talented in academics, music and performing arts, innovative project building, outstanding communicator, problem solver etc.

Community Grant

A challenge grant program is funded to any community organization who mentors, assists, and provides academic, social and moral support to the underprivileged gifted and talented children around the world and supports them follow their dream to become a future leader. The grant will be funded for upcoming year (beginning October 8th through Sept 7) with an option to renew. Only direct cost to these children will be provided. Funding can be from 1,000 to 5,000 dollars.

Soumit’s World Academy for Gifted and Talented (SWAGAT) Individual Scholarship

SWAGAT: Scholarships are given to outstanding gifted and talented adolescents, and young adults in need who needs financial support to continue their education to follow their dreams. The scholarship will be equivalent of $1000 for their books, and/or any individual talent development. Use SWAGAT Application guidelines to complete the process.

  • All grant recipients must provide a quarterly and annual updates of their project funded by SWF funded Building Tomorrow’s Leader community project.
  • All recipient must be available in person or, in writing to present a report explaining how this funds helped them to “Build tomorrow’s Leader” at the foundation’s Annual event (TBA) in October.
  • SWAGAT recipient must be available to perform/present their talent/gift at the annual event in October. Individual who cannot attend could send a Video CD which will be played at the annual event.
  • Title of the Project.
  • Background overview of the project and need justification.
  • Requesting budget and a detailed justification of how this money will be spent to help these children.
  • Show how the recipient(s) propose to return the benefits to the individual/community with similar need.
  • Project timeline and milestone.
  • Executive summary.